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Film Formation of Latex Binders: What You Need To Know

Understanding how a latex binder forms a film is critical to understanding how many modern products are made. That’s because so many products we use every day — coatings, adhesives, and composites — are made when wet latex is transformed into a final film material. Film formation is highly modifiable so that the final...

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Winter & Cold Weather Shipments

Winter will be here soon and MCP has you in mind. Water based emulsions will freeze at or below 32 °F, therefore MCP takes great care to ensure that shipments are not compromised due to winter weather conditions. Below are some of the ways we protect your product from our location to yours.

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Water Based Emulsions Designed For You

The world of water based emulsion polymers is all around us. Everything from paints, adhesives, and textiles to construction, paper, printing, and packaging are enhanced with these complex coatings.

The original version of this article can be found on ManufacturingInFocus.com by Pauline Müller. The article has been updated...

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Waterproofing Membranes: BarrierPro® Styrene-Butadiene Emulsion Polymers

Water can degrade and destroy many types of building materials, and the damage doesn’t stop there. Leaks can lead to mold, severely compromising the health of building occupants over time due to exposure. While many will quickly grasp that water can cause significant damage on its own, other problems, like compromised air...

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Tykote® Emulsion Polymers for low MVTR and OGR Barrier Coatings

 Tykote® is a family of styrene-butadiene, styrene-acrylic and all-acrylic polymer products that may be used as bases for compounded functional coatings. Formulators apply Tykote® latex products on substrates used for a variety of packaging applications to provide a barrier or other desired properties.

You’ll see coatings...

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Ambient Cure Acrylic Emulsion Polymers Utilizing DAAM/ADH Technology

Solvent-based polymer systems are giving way to water based acrylic polymer emulsions due to environmental concerns and related regulations limiting volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as well as a desire to achieve significant improvements in the performance characteristics of the water-based emulsion polymers.


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Explaining Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate

Moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR), sometimes referred to as water vapor transmission rate (WVTR), is a measure of the passage of water vapor through a substance during a period of time.

There are many industries that require a high level of moisture control to ensure the integrity and shelf life of their products,...

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What's In a Can? Rheology Modifiers

What Are Rheology Modifiers?

A coating can consist of polymers, surfactants, dispersants, solvents/coalescents, defoamers, biocides and rheology modifiers. Each has a purpose to fulfill within the system to provide the right performance and application properties.

Formulators use rheology modifiers (otherwise known as...

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Synthetic Latex Polymers versus Natural Rubber Latex

Mallard Creek Polymers is a global leader in the production of water-based emulsion polymers, another term for a variety of synthetic latex polymers constructed for a wide array of markets and applications.

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What’s in a Can? A Chat with Solvay about Surfactants

What is a Surfactant?

A surfactant is a substance, that when added to water, reduces the surface tension of the solution thus increasing its substrate wetting properties. At low concentrations, a surfactant has the property of migrating and being adsorbed on the interfaces present in the system. It alters the interfacial...
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The Difference Between Emulsion Polymers and Solution Polymers

At Mallard Creek Polymers, we have built a globally-respected business on delivering the finest emulsion polymer formulations for our clients in multiple industries for hundreds of applications. People often ask us, “What’s the difference between emulsion polymers and solution polymers?” This article will offer a little...

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