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Who is Mallard Creek Polymers?

October 1, 2015

 Mallard Creek Polymers manufactures styrene-butadiene, styrene-acrylic, and acrylic emulsions at our 150 acre facility near Charlotte, North Carolina. Since 1962, we’ve expanded the product line and invested in an R&D and headquarters building in nearby University Research Park. Today, the company is recognized as a world-class manufacturer of specialty latex emulsion products. 
Here is a little about what makes us who we are. 

Mallard Creek, the waterway from where our business took its name, rises about 10 miles northeast of downtown Charlotte. It flows generally eastwards, growing larger as it runs in to the Rocky River and then the Pee Dee before meeting the Atlantic north of Charleston, SC. The story of Mallard Creek Polymers has a lot in common with that river: steady growth with changes of name along the way.

New construction

In 1962 the Drake Chemical Company constructed a plant on what was then Mallard Creek Road. (Today it's Morehead Road.) That operation became part of the American Mineral Spirits Company, later to become the Chemical Division of oil producer Unocal Group.

The SB center

In April 1992, Rohm and Haas, the specialty chemical manufacturer since purchased by Dow, acquired Unocal’s latex business. Over the next three years, they consolidated a number of styrene-butadiene operations into the Mallard Creek/Morehead Road site, making it a center of synthetic latex manufacturing expertise. February 1995 brought another change of ownership, when Ameripol Synpol Corporation (ASC,) a chemicals business owned by the Parekh family, purchased the operation, along with the related businesses.

Focused for growth

Mallard Creek Polymers became an independent, privately held company within the Parekh Capital Group in April 2002. This enabled management to focus on the manufacture and sale of Rovene® styrene-butadiene emulsion polymers, positioning the business for growth.

After three years it was time to broaden the product range. Capital was invested to add styrene-acrylic and acrylic emulsion production to the styrene-butadiene core product line. This was followed-up in 2008 with the purchase of the BarrierPro®, Tychem®, Tykote®, Tylac® products and related technology from Dow Reichhold Specialty Latex.

Investing in research

With Mallard Creek Polymers’ focus on partnering with customers to develop products that meet their unique needs and applications, a broader product line required increased research capability. Accordingly, in 2009, we announced the opening of a 3,000 square-foot lab at the N.C. Research Campus in Kannapolis. Two years later this relocated, along with administrative functions from Mallard Creek Road, to a much larger company-owned facility at 8901 Research Drive in Charlotte. In 2018, Mallard Creek Polymers acquired the intellectual property for the Ecronova® and Ecrovin® product lines and created MCP Europe GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary. 

Meeting customer needs

It’s been a journey, but today Mallard Creek Polymers is recognized as a world-class manufacturer of styrene-butadiene, styrene-acrylic, and acrylic emulsions. With a 150 acre production site, coupled with a combined R&D and headquarters facility at the University Research Park, the business is positioned to serve customers with products tailored to their needs. Visit www.mcpolymers.com for more information.



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