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Environmental Policy


Mallard Creek Polymers LLC is committed to pollution prevention, protection and regulatory compliance through effective teamwork and continuous improvement.

Our commitment is founded on:

  • Management example, employee involvement and employee empowerment;
  • Maintaining environmental management as a core value;
  • Developing and utilizing environmentally acceptable, safe and efficient production methods;
  • Identifying and complying with all legal requirements.

Occupational Health And Safety Policy

Mallard Creek Polymers LLC is committed to plan and perform all manner that is safe and efficient for its employees and the public. MCP management is responsible for keeping safety at the forefront of its business planning and execution to continuously improve operational discipline and our safety culture.

This commitment is based on:

  • Complying with statutory, regulatory and other legal requirements;
  • Driving improvement by analyzing data and trends;
  • Understanding worker expectations and requirements;
  • Placing employee safety as a key element in all our processes;
  • Establishing a shared responsibility between the company and our employees to ensure the safety of those affected by our work.

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