The applications for adhesives are almost limitless. From shipping labels to construction adhesives, masking tape to removable films, adhesives are a fixture in everyday life. Formulating an adhesive is often about finding the right combination of tack, peel and shear for a given application and substrate. 

MCP offers products to suit most surfaces, from metals like copper and stainless steel to glass and ceramics and even very low-energy surfaces like polyethylene. These products consist of many acrylic and styrene acrylic emulsion polymers, and styrene butadiene latexes that have a balance of properties to fit adhesive application requirements. Formulations can be created with Rovene® products by including tackifiers, fillers, pigments and additives as appropriate.


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Growth came in automotive painting & then progressed with 'painters tape' development.  Emulsion polymers are used in the adhesive, crepe paper saturation, and for release liners.

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