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There are many uses for synthetic emulsion polymers in Construction, whether building a home or a commercial property like a new school.

A few key applications are waterproofing, structural adhesives, tracks and tennis courts, and road construction. Synthetic latex based cement products are used in a variety of applications such as asphalt modification, concrete repair systems, exterior masonry systems, grouts and mortars, flooring and bridge-deck structures.

MCP has a range of water-borne polymer products developed to help meet the challenging requirements for many construction applications. Intended for formulation into multiple applications such as waterproofing, textured and stucco coatings, adhesives, cement admixtures and asphalt modifiers, BarrierPro®, Tylac® and Rovene® products enhance properties like flexibility, adhesion to substrates, water resistance and durability. This family of construction polymers includes styrene butadiene latex, styrene acrylic and acrylic polymer emulsions, nitrile elastomers and thickeners.

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