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At Mallard Creek Polymers, product innovation is vital to our business. Our goal is to offer the highest-quality products, services and solutions to our valued customers.

Creativity & Innovation Thrive at MCP

We know every application is different and that each customer has unique needs. The Markets page of our website includes descriptions of the many ways in which our products are used, arranged by markets, applications, and systems. There, potential customers can find products for essentially every known application, but sometimes these products don’t perform exactly the way a customer wants or perhaps a new application has emerged in the meantime. When that happens, our creative teams of experts are ready to develop a customized solution. We know that many customers describe their application in unique ways, so if there is not a clear match, find out how we can work with you to find an appropriate match. No amount of written information can ever be as useful as a phone or face-to-face discussion with our advisers. Our goal is to create technology to help you!

The chemistry that is finding broad acceptance in a variety of settings is our styrene butadiene latex products. Once primarily used in paper coatings and carpet backcoating, these unique polymers today are finding application in all synthetic emulsion polymer markets because of their tensile elongation balance, water resistance, adhesion to substrates, and filler acceptance. If you want to read more about styrene-butadiene, visit our library.

Styrene acrylic emulsion polymers are now used in graphic arts, interior paint and nonwovens, but are also finding value in many new applications due to the balance of water resistance and light stability with reasonable filler acceptance and cost.

All acrylic polymer emulsions continue to expand their utility in paint & coatings, textiles, adhesives, and building and construction due to outstanding UV stability, adhesion and flexibility.

Unique applications of polymers technology: Nitrile elastomers, thickeners and vinyl acetate/vinyl acrylic are also available when specific performance requirements demand these alternatives.


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