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Who We Are

At Mallard Creek Polymers, our customers are also our partners, and through this collaboration we both are successful. This is our commitment to our customers, our employees, and our community: Stick with us because we work differently.

Our Company

Company-Image.pngMallard Creek Polymers , a leading among polymer manufacturing companies, is a name synonymous with a decades-long commitment to excellence in the manufacturing of emulsion polymer products for a variety of industry sectors and applications. We have earned our industry standing not alone, but in collaboration with a steadily growing customer base. Our people, coming from diverse backgrounds of experience in virtually every market we serve, understand our customers’ needs and have the expertise to make their ideas come alive. Together, we focus on creating quality products and custom solutions--all delivered with an unwavering commitment to customer service.

Now, with a 60-year legacy in emulsion polymer manufacturing, we stand recognized as a world-class manufacturer of specialty polymer latex emulsion products for applications in the construction, nonwovens, adhesives, textiles, printing and packaging, paints and coatings, and paper industries.

Historic Excellence in Emulsion Polymer Manufacturing

In 1962, the former Drake Chemical Company constructed our 150-acre manufacturing facility on the former Mallard Creek Road (now Morehead Road) in Charlotte, North Carolina as a plant for making styrene-butadiene emulsion polymers. While the company changed hands multiple times over the ensuing decades, the business of manufacturing multiple variants of styrene-butadiene continued to grow under new management. First acquired by the American Mineral Spirits Company, the operation later became part of global oil giant Unocal as the company’s latex business unit.

In 1992, specialty chemical company Rohm and Haas (now part of Dow), purchased Unocal’s synthetic latex unit, consolidating its operations, along with those of multiple acquisitions of styrene-butadiene manufacturers at the Mallard Creek/Morehead Road facility. The unified companies formed a global center of excellence in the manufacturing of synthetic latex polymers.

Three years later, Ameripol Synpol, a chemical business owned by the Parekh family, saw an opportunity to grow the newly-formed business.  In 2002, the Mallard Creek Polymers name came into existence, representing a new era of growth for the company, defined by the manufacture and sale of Rovene® styrene-butadiene emulsion polymers used in adhesives and paints and coatings. The Parekh family’s investment via Parekh Capital Group left Mallard Creek Polymers as a privately-held, independent company uniquely positioned to meet the needs of multiple industries.

Positioned to Define the Future of Emulsion Polymer Production and More

In 2005, the leadership team at Mallard Creek Polymers made a capital investment in the company’s organic growth to add styrene-acrylic and acrylic emulsion production to the core line of synthetic emulsion polymer products. The company followed up this investment by purchasing multiple product lines and related technology from Dow Reichold Specialty Latex (DRSL), including BarrierPro®, Tychem®, Tykote®, Tylac®. These product acquisitions opened up new service frontiers for the company in the construction, adhesives, and paints and coatings industries.

Fast-forward to the present, and Mallard Creek Polymers now boasts a new headquarters  and cutting-edge research lab, opened in 2011, in Charlotte’s University Research Park area.

In 2018, Mallard Creek Polymers acquired the intellectual property for the Ecronova® and Ecrovin® product lines and created MCP Europe GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary. 

Today, Mallard Creek Polymers provides a broad range of emulsion polymer products including styrene butadiene, styrene-acrylic, all acrylic, resin supported, natural/synthetic hybrids, vinyl acetate, nitrile elastomers, and rheology modifiers designed to service markets ranging from construction and textiles to paints and coatings, adhesives, nonwovens, paper, and printing and packaging. Our innovation continues, at an ever-increasing pace, due to our ongoing commitment to working with customers in ways that go beyond our existing product families to develop the latex polymers of the future.

Learn more about Mallard Creek Polymers’ products, markets served, and applicationsFor more information, please call 1-877-240-0171. 

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