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Quick & Nimble: MCP Offers Affordable Customization

In a crowded marketplace, it’s tough to introduce a new polymer-based innovation when your competitors are drawing from the same well of raw materials. The best way to set yourself apart from these competitors is to offer something unique — to build a custom synthetic polymer with an experienced team

Liquid Applied Sound Damping

Emulsion polymers used in Liquid Applied Sound Damping coatings are optimized for filler content, adhesion and flexibility. Advantages include lower cost application, greater consistency and repeatability of placement, and reduced weight compared to bitumen pads.

Rovene 6032

Rovene 6032 is an all acrylic latex designed
for low VOC coatings. This latex has the
ability to handle high filler loadings as well as
applications that required bake-ability.


At MCP, we understand the challenges that companies face when creating the next formulation for their marketplace. Our staff will work hand-in-hand with you to design emulsion polymers that meet your specific needs. By combining a deep understanding of application technology, cross-fertilization from other markets, a strong existing product portfolio, and a broad array of chemistry options, we can react quickly to changing and demanding requirements.

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