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THE History OFMallard Creek Polymers

SINCE 1962MCP has dedicated itself to excelling in the production and distribution of styrene-butadiene latex polymers

Mallard Creek Polymers LLC (MCP) started in 1962 as part of the Unocal Group of businesses. In 2002, MCP embarked on a new journey, becoming an independent, privately held company, focusing primarily on the manufacture and sale of styrene-butadiene latex polymers. Over the years, through strategic investments and acquisitions, the company has expanded its reach and product portfolio significantly. Today, MCP proudly serves customers in numerous countries across the globe, offering a diverse range of water-based emulsions tailored to meet the needs of various major application segments.

MCP is focused on the customer, dedicated to creativity and innovation, and committed to safety and the environment. The company continues to offer a broad line of products and services to many industries, including adhesives, nonwovens, paint, coatings, graphic arts, printing & packaging, textiles, carpet, sealants, construction, oil services, and paper.

Our Corporate Milestones

The Manufacturing Plant was Constructed on Mallard Creek Road in Charlotte, NC and was operated by Unocal Corporation.
Rohm & Haas purchased the Unocal Latex business. All styrene-butadiene business consolidated into Charlotte, NC.
Ameripol Synpol, owned by the Parekh family, purchased the Rohm & Haas Charlotte plant and related businesses.
Mallard Creek Polymers, Inc. became an independent,  privately held, company of Parekh Capital Group, focused primarily on Rovene® styrene-butadiene emulsions.
Charlotte Expansion - MCP invested capital to begin producing styrene-acrylic and all acrylic emulsion polymers.
Aquisition - MCP purchased the BarrierPro®, Tychem®, Tykote®, Tylac® products and related technology from Dow Reichhold Specialty Latex.
MCP acquired the Ecronova® and Ecrovin® intellectual property of the Michelman subsidiary, Ecronova Polymer GmbH.
  • Parekh Capital Group merged with GVC Holdings Inc.
  • GVC was the surviving Corporation
  • MC Polymers was converted to an LLC


Choosing the right polymer is crucial for the success of your project. Whether you're looking into paints, nonwoven materials, or adhesives, working with experts like Mallard Creek Polymers can ensure you get a customized emulsion tailored to your needs.