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Our Products

Mallard Creek Polymers provides a broad range of carboxylated styrene-butadiene latex, non-carboxylated styrene-butadiene latex and acrylic latex polymers designed to service a variety of markets. Our R&D and Applications Scientists seek out opportunities to work with individual customers to quickly develop new latex polymers to fit their specific needs.
Rovene® and Tylac® polymers enable formulation of adhesives for every substrates, including low energy surfaces like polyolefins.  We provide building blocks that help adhesives deliver performance.
BarrierPro® latex and Rovene products build robust films providing strength, flexibility, excellent water resistance and adhesion to essentially every substrate. Acrylic and styrene-butadiene latexes add value to coating formulations.
Add functionality, stiffness, and strength with acrylic polymer emulsions, self-crosslinking polymers, and carboxylated styrene-butadiene latex, each optimized for application method, placement,  and “hand” or flexibility.
Rovene polymer emulsions allow tailoring of properties like “hand,” adhesion and strength while improving pilling, abrasion resistance, firmness, and appearance.  All acrylic, styrene acrylic copolymers, and styrene-butadiene latex are valuable.
Coatings, adhesives, cement admixtures and asphalt modifiers gain flexibility, adhesion, water resistance and durability with the incorporation of BarrierPro®, Tylac®, and Rovene® products.
Paper and paperboard coatings, papermaking or wet-end addition, and paper saturation are applications where Rovene® products are applied.  Polymers enhance strength, water resistance, aesthetics, and functionality. 
Tykote® products help create coatings with excellent MVTR, water, and grease resistance.  Rovene® styrene-acrylic copolymers enhance the image and gloss of water-based coatings and inks.