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Polymers for Packaging & Printing

MCP has products optimized for the many substrates found in packaging applications, such as coated paper, paperboard and flexible films.

Surfaces look and perform better when coated with a styrene acrylic and acrylic polymer emulsions or with a styrene-butadiene latex, all of them designed to accept ink, create gloss, form a barrier, etc.

For graphic arts applications, MCP offers polymers that are designed with excellent runnability on gravure and flexographic printing and coating processes. Acrylic and styrene acrylic emulsion polymers are readily formulated into overprint varnishes and inks to impart water resistance, rub resistance, alkaline resistance, and high gloss.

Functional barrier coatings help extend shelf life of foods by providing a barrier to moisture vapor and oxygen, and they can provide oil, grease and water resistance. MCP has a line of styrene butadiene emulsion polymers that provide low moisture vapor transmission rates (MVTR) and excellent water resistance, while the Tykote® acrylic polymer emulsions deliver oil and grease resistance in formulated coatings.

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