In carpet and textiles, emulsion polymers are used to improve functional and aesthetic properties. The main goal in using an emulsion polymer is to improve the performance characteristics of the textile. It's generally applied as part of the finishing operation and is typically intended to be permanent.

MCP manufactures acrylic, styrene acrylic and styrene-butadiene polymers for incorporation into textile coating compounds. Emulsion polymers for textile applications provide a particular hand, adhesion to the fiber and strength. Polymer emulsions can be used to improve pilling and abrasion resistance or to provide firmness and moldability. Acylic emulsion polymers can be used in formulations to provide UV resistance in outdoor applications. MCP offers low-VOC products that can be used in green-certified applications.

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Automotive carpet, coatings to protect the car or reduce road noise & creating adhesives are a few of the many uses for synthetic emulsion polymers in the automotive industry. 

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