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Mosaic Plaster

AdobeStock_219748069_Preview Mosaic plasters are used on mineral substrates for interior and exterior applications. For exterior use, mosaic plaster provides water and UV resistance in areas where durability is required. For interior use, mosaic plaster provides high durability and mechanical protection of the wall especially in areas like staircase.



  • Polymer
  • Solids (%)
  • Viscosity (cps)
  • Tg (°C)
  • Ecronova® RA 111
  • 49-51
  • 3600-8000
  • +15
  • Ecronova RA 111 is a pure acrylic emulsion that provides minimal whitening and good water resistance, especially in mosaic plaster.

  • only available in the eu
  • Ecronova® RA 127
  • 49-51
  • 2000-8000
  • +35
  • Due to its high UV stability, Ecronova RA 127 is recommended for exterior paints and plasters with low dirt pick-up.

  • only available in the eu

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