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Quick & Nimble: MCP Offers Affordable Customization

April 9, 2020

The Competitive Edge

In a crowded marketplace, it’s tough to introduce a new polymer-based innovation when your competitors are drawing from the same well of raw materials. The best way to set yourself apart from these competitors is to offer something unique — to build a custom synthetic polymer with an experienced team.

Unfortunately, many large latex manufacturers don’t have the time, attention span or motivation to work with a company whose application may require a new custom formula or a tweak to an off-the shelf product. Your company may not know how much of this formulation you’ll need or can’t promise orders of a certain size. Some manufacturers see this kind of uncertainty as risky. Others may agree to work with you on a small-batch solution but shuffle your project to the bottom of the heap as they work on larger, more lucrative accounts.

Choosing a responsive synthetic latex manufacturer like Mallard Creek Polymers means more access to the same level of expertise, research and development, and customer service as you get with large manufacturers. We work with customers, regardless of size, to find the perfect polymer emulsion for their needs.

Made-to-Order Solutions

If you find an unmet need in the market, and you know you can fill it with a novel product or unique application, you’re likely going to have to develop a custom solution — and Mallard Creek Polymers can help.

Our R&D group understands the chemistry involved in manipulating the ingredients of a latex to account for any variable. We can fine-tune polymer dispersions based on your performance requirements or develop an entirely new recipe from scratch. Plus, our stringent quality standards ensure that every batch we produce demonstrates consistency in quality and repeatable, dependable results. To learn more, read the Tailoring a Polymer Emulsion Recipe post.

Private Label Options

Your company has worked hard over the years to establish your reputation and brand, so when it’s time to find a partner for private labeling, consider Mallard Creek Polymers. We have years of experience in private labeling, which means you can put out a new product and feel confident it has been manufactured to the highest standards and will faithfully represent your brand. Rest assured that the entire team at Mallard Creek Polymers stands behind every product and will be there to support you through the whole manufacturing process.


At MCP, we can meet all of your polymer blending needs, whether you’re looking to create new properties that boost performance or you’re simply looking to lower your company’s capital investment in specialized equipment for blending. Our team of chemists and engineers will work with you to understand your requirements and help you develop a blending program that results in new formulations. Mallard Creek can help you increase the value of your inventory while you maximize your manufacturing operations and reduce waste from blending processes.

Let’s Make Latex

Even at smaller volumes, Mallard Creek Polymers can make custom polymer emulsion accessible to your company. When an off-the-shelf product isn’t right for your needs, our experts can help with all of your customization efforts, whether they include optimizing formulations, private labeling an existing polymer or blending polymers to create new properties. Ready to get started? Send us a message today to discuss your specific project.



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