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Why Large Enterprises Aren't Always the Right Choice for Your Company

December 15, 2014

Choosing your suppliers is a balance of costs, reliable delivery of a quality product and the ability to collaborate for your changing needs. When you need specialty polymers, there are many reasons that working with a private manufacturer will give you better results. Consider the benefits that larger enterprises cannot provide.


When you reach out to a large enterprise, you will likely only speak to the sales department. You are provided with a quote and possibly access to technical data for the polymer you are interested in.

When you reach out to a small manufacturer, you can speak to a chemist who is willing to answer your questions. You start out a step ahead, with answers to eliminate unacceptable solutions, identify positive ones and even find alternatives.


When you work with a smaller enterprise, you will find a company that is happy to collaborate with you to produce new grades of specialty polymers in smaller batch sizes. Larger enterprises often operate with a one size fits all mentality, you must order in large quantities for cost efficiency.

Large quantities are not the answer when you are looking for new compounds to meet specific needs. You need access to a business that works as your research and development facility and then can provide you with full production.


True ability for innovation comes from a plant dedicated to providing rapid testing of new formulas. You want someone to work closely with you to develop new solutions for unique uses. A small manufacturer will be ready to work with clients quickly to customize a new acrylic latex or acrylic polymer to exact specifications.

Rapid prototyping means that you get the answers you need quickly, with no delays to your production. Once you have the formulation that works, you can count on your small manufacturer to ensure that you have the quality product you need, when you need it.

Customer focus

You want an organization that is dedicated to meeting the needs of each client, as an individual. Larger enterprises are not as focused on the individual client. Look for a small enterprise with continuous industry experience and a dedication to quality.

When you need flexible customized solutions and innovation, let the small enterprise be your partner as a developer and supplier. You will find a supplier willing to work with you, while ensuring that your product meets your quality, delivery and pricing requirements. When you need a responsive supplier, ask yourself if a company dedicated to your success is the right choice.

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