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Think Small: Personal Experts

August 18, 2016

When you work with Mallard Creek Polymers, or MCP, you work with a small group of experts. These people listen while you explain what you're looking for, they'll develop a customized solution that works, and they'll be there when you come back with your next request. Working with MCP means having a team dedicated to helping you develop winning products that out-perform those from your competitors.

Small Team, Big Things

There's a fundamental difference between a small team and a big organization. Big organizations inevitably work in silos. That means you get passed from specialist to specialist, and each time you have to tell your story from the beginning. Working with the small team at MCP is different. You'll see and talk to the same people over and over. That's a good thing, for three reasons:

  • It builds deeper relationships that help us understand what you and your business want to achieve.

  • We develop memories of what you've done, and more importantly, why you did it. That helps with the next project.

  • We're able to offer ideas for improving your products and meeting your goals.

Real Benefits

Relationships are important in business, but the benefits are hard to quantify. We'd like to offer some specific advantages that flow from working with a small group of experts.

  • It saves time. You're not explaining your problems and needs over and over to different groups. When you work with MCP you only need say it once. This saves your time and it moves the development process along faster. That means you get the customized latex polymer emulsion you need, helping bring your product to market faster.

  • Get exactly the emulsion you need. As a small operation MCP is completely focused on satisfying customer needs, (within the limits of chemistry and physics!) We listen, we make sure we understand, and we don't try to make you accept something that only does 90% of what you want.

  • Get more than you asked for. As a relationship develops between our team and yours so too does our understanding of your products, processes and markets. That lets us identify opportunities that you might not have seen. Perhaps there's a way to simplify a formulation, or maybe it's possible to resolve a longstanding customer request. Whatever it is, if we see a way to add value, we'll let you know.

A Personal Relationship

We all know that big organizations are impersonal. They're too focused on their goals to get to know you and your business. That's why working with MCP is different, better. Working with MCP is like having your own team of personal experts, dedicated to helping you do your job better. If you haven't worked with us before, call or email to find out what we could do for you. And if you have worked with us, what else may we do for you?



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