Tykote® 1019


Product Description

Firm hand with excellent film strength for barrier coatings for paper and paperboard packaging; excellent water resistance; has good adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces.

Tykote® 1019 is recommended for use in paper and paperboard coatings where a high degree of water and water vapor resistance is needed. It may also be formulated into barrier laminating adhesives for paper-to-paper, paper-to-film, and foil-to-paper. It may be used in adhesive and coating applications where clearance under FDA 175.105, 176.170 and 176.180 is needed. Tykote® 1019 has been specially designed to comply with European BfR regulations in addition to FDA.


Physical Properties

  • Solids Content (%)
  • 52.0 - 54.0
  • pH
  • 7.0 - 8.0
  • Viscosity (cps)
  • 850 max
  • Tg (°C)
  • +14