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Rovene® 7005


Rovene 7005 is a non-plasticized vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer with high solid contents developed to provide a versatile base for construction application. Rovene 7005 is a general-purpose copolymer emulsion that can be used in adhesive applications but especially for the improvement of all kinds of mineral bound building materials.

Rovene 7005 forms a flexible film with good adhesive properties for broad applications. Rovene 7005 exhibits typical vinyl acetate-ethylene adhesion to polar and non-polar surfaces. It also provides a flexible film at low temperatures and good creep resistance against high temperatures. Rovene 7005 also possesses excellent compatibility with other emulsions because it is stabilized with HEC. It is also compatible with most plasticizers, thickeners and additives used for vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer bases. Good machine ability and higher filler loading capabilities offer high loadings of such fillers as calcium carbonate and clay without appreciably changing the viscosity.

Physical Properties

  • Solids Content (%)
  • 65
  • PH
  • 4.5-6.5
  • Viscosity (cps)
  • 300 - 1300
  • Tg (°C)
  • 0
  • Softening point (°C)
  • +
  • Molecular Weight (Da)
  • MFFT (°C)
  • Acid Number (mgKOH/g)
  • Stabilization
  • Cellulose
  • ASH (%)
  • Appearance
  • Bulk Density
  • Average Particle Size μm
  • Viscosity at 25°C mPa.s