Rovene® 4119


Product Description

Rovene® 4119 is a styrene-butadiene emulsion recommended for use in paper and paperboard coatings where excellent water vapor transmission resistance is needed. In addition, this material delivers excellent Cobb Size results. Its excellent compatibility with all of the major barrier coatings pigments makes this product a good choice for a broad range of applications; from base coats to top coats. Because it has clearance under FDA 175.105, 176.170 and 176.180, Rovene® 4119 fits well in barrier coatings for direct contact food packaging.

Physical Properties

  • Solids Content (%)
  • 52.0 - 54.0
  • pH
  • 7.0 - 8.0
  • Viscosity (cps)
  • 850 max
  • Tg (°C)
  • +14