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Concrete Sealer


Application Description

Concrete sealers can be used in a number of areas such as patios, driveways and garage floors. For maximum protection against water, chemicals and food stains, concrete should be treated with a sealer. The acrylic emulsion polymers that are used in concrete sealers should be highly water-resistant, chemical resistant and may need hot tire pick up resistance. The also offer efflorescence resistance and durability in direct UV exposure.



  • Polymer
  • Solids (%)
  • Viscosity (cps)
  • Tg (°C)
  • Rovene® 6027
  • 50.0 - 51.0
  • 600 max
  • +10
  • Rovene 6027 is an all acrylic latex that may be utilized in various applications such as trade paints, concrete coatings, and other coatings requiring exterior durability and low VOC.

  • Rovene® 6127
  • 48.0 - 49.0
  • 300 max
  • +50
  • Rovene 6127 is a clear drying, 100% acrylic, water resistant latex emulsion designed to provide protection for all types of concrete, cementitious and rigid surfaces.

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