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Rovene® 4487


Rovene 4487 is a styrene-butadiene emulsion polymer recommended for carpet applications that require excellent wet strength properties. Rovene 4487 can be compounded to high solids using calcium carbonate, clays and alumina rihydrate as fillers; sodium polyacrylate thickeners are commonly used to obtain the required application viscosity. Rovene 4487 imparts good wet/dry tensile strenth, and has good adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces. This adhesion contributes to the good tuft binds and excellent delaminations in carpet applications. Rovene 4487 has a large filler tolerance, strong films at high filler loads, and low water absorption.

Physical Properties

  • Solids Content (%)
  • 54.5-55.5
  • PH
  • 7-7.5
  • Viscosity (cps)
  • 200 - 1500
  • Tg (°C)
  • +11
  • Softening point (°C)
  • +
  • Molecular Weight (Da)
  • MFFT (°C)
  • Acid Number (mgKOH/g)
  • Stabilization
  • ASH (%)
  • Appearance
  • Bulk Density
  • Average Particle Size μm
  • Viscosity at 25°C mPa.s

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