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Ecronova® 6631

Ecronova® 6631 is a high quality acrylic polymer
dispersions are designed for a wide array of
specialty architectural and industrial coating
applications, including interior and exterior
building paints, durable wood coatings,
concrete protection, and many other
Ecronova 6631 is an ambient cure all acrylic
emulsion that provides good chemical and
blocking resistance, high hardness and
scratch resistance as well as good wetting of
wooden substrates especially for furniture
and industrial coatings. This emulsion is
OH-functional (1.8%) and can function both
as a one or two component system and is APE

Physical Properties

  • Solids Content (%)
  • 40-43
  • PH
  • 6.5-8
  • Viscosity (cps)
  • 300 max
  • Tg (°C)
  • +10
  • Softening point (°C)
  • +
  • Molecular Weight (Da)
  • MFFT (°C)
  • +10
  • Acid Number (mgKOH/g)
  • Stabilization
  • ASH (%)
  • Appearance
  • Bulk Density
  • Average Particle Size μm
  • Viscosity at 25°C mPa.s

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