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Penetration Primers


Application Description

Penetration Primers are designed for priming mineral substrates (walls, floors, ceilings) inside and outside buildings prior to affixing topcoats. Primers should provide low uptake of water, which prevents fast drying of adhesive mortars, flooring, putties and paints. Further, penetration primer has the function to binding/strengthening old porous substrate and ensure adhesion strength.



  • Polymer
  • Solids (%)
  • Viscosity (cps)
  • MFFT (°C)
  • Ecronova® KDA 60
  • 33.0 - 35.0
  • 20 - 100
  • 0
  • Ecronova® KDA 60 is designed for solvent-free deep sealer applications as well as primers.

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