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Ecronova® and Ecrovin®

Our Ecronova® & Ecrovin® Brands

Ecronova® DA Styrene-Acrylate Dispersions

Are engineered to withstand the rigors of highly alkaline, long service applications in building construction. As coating binders and admixture modifiers, the Ecronova® DA-series will enhance and maintain top performance of cements, mortars, gypsum, and other commonly used construction materials.

Ecronova® KDA Styrene-Acrylic Polymer Dispersions

Are ideally suited for architectural coatings on fresh construction materials as well as refurbished building surfaces. Specific grades are designed for paint, primer, and sealer applications. These versatile polymers feature high filler loading tolerance, exceptional penetration into mineral-based substrates, and excellent water and alkali resistance.

Ecronova® RA High Quality Acrylic Polymer Dispersions

Are designed for a wide array of specialty architectural and industrial coating applications, including interior and exterior building paints, durable wood coatings, concrete protection, and many other applications.

Ecrovin® LV Dispersions

Are versatile polymer binders with exceptional wet scrub resistance in low VOC interior matte paints that exhibit excellent weather resistance performance in exterior applications.


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