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Working With Us

Mallard Creek Polymers is open to new ideas, new clients, and new projects. There is no project too large or too small. We will start with our extensive technology and creative approach, and end with a product that meets a customer's unique requirements. Business practices are structured to assure long-term operating performance and financial success. Contact us to start the process!

At Your Service

Innovation and creativity at Mallard Creek Polymers (MCP) extends far beyond our laboratories. We constantly seek better ways of delivering our cost-effective, high-performance products to customers around the world. Our dynamic business is organized to ensure delivery of the products you need to the cities and countries where you operate, today and in the future.

We know that service to our customers is just as important as the products we offer. We work hard to integrate new customers and demonstrate flawless deliveries. We balance high performance standards with flexibility to serve global companies and small businesses around the world.




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Getting Started

Responsiveness is critical in today's business environment. While every company has a website, we have an organization dedicated to responding to your enquiry. Whether it's technical support or order entry, we are here to listen and deliver.

A phone conversation is a good way to start learning more about the creative ways in which we serve our customers. If you would like to meet with MCP, perhaps for a more formal technical exchange, or for any other reason, please contact your salesperson or call 1-877-240-0171.

Become a Customer

MCP integrates new customers every day. Our marketing and technical staff work hard to understand and document your requirements and then bring you the products and services you need to WANT to become a customer.  Sales and Customer Service are ready to make sure you enjoy the experience.  Call 1-877-240-0171 or 1-877-413-0949 in North America and +1-704-887-9467 internationally.

Place an Order

To place an order, call 1-877-809-6094 (US) or +1-704-887-9449.  These numbers will lead to customer service during our normal working hours or to a voicemail at other times.   Email will often be a more efficient way for a customer service representatives to contact you.  Emails and fax numbers are available to our customers.

As with every effective company, business standards drive our order entry and lead times to create and deliver the product you are looking for. Because we focus on customization, we have many "make-to-order" grades, so we seek the longest lead time possible that meets your needs. If, though, your markets demand shorter lead times, we will work with you to define your requirements.

Other delivery issues such as mixed truckload shipments, winter shipping, international and North American deliveries, and global regulatory compliance are addressed for each client.

Receiving Product

Our standard method of delivering products in bulk is by tank trucks. Packaged goods are shipped in fiber drums (450 lbs. or approximately 220 kg) and totes/IBC's (2,200 lbs. or approximately 1 MT). We also manage plastic drums for international shipments. We routinely fill isotainers and flexibags for domestic and international shipping of all products.

To reduce freight costs for our packaged goods customers, we offer full container load shipments with mixed products and packages.  This allows your money to be focused on goods and services that bring you value.


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