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Running Track Binders


Application Description

Modern sports surfaces like rubberized running tracks and tennis courts are expected to have excellent resilience plus durability to the elements. Flexibility is required even when temperatures are low.

A carboxylated styrene-butadiene latex polymer is a good choice for a binder formulation as it will adhere well to rubber and other particles of varying sizes. Butadiene provides elasticity while the styrene component adds strength. 



  • Polymer
  • Solids (%)
  • Viscosity (cps)
  • Tg (°C)
  • Rovene® 4125
  • 49.0 - 51.5
  • 500 max
  • -27
  • Rovene 4125 is a styrene-butadiene emulsion polymer recommended for applications where a primer-sealer that provides adhesion between asphalt and other various surface treatments is needed.

  • Rovene® 4176
  • 49.0 - 51.5
  • 400 max
  • -23
  • Rovene 4176 is a medium soft, carboxylated styrene-butadiene emulsion that can be used with a variety of fillers and additives to customize the desired application properties.

  • Rovene® 4076
  • 49.0 - 51.5
  • 200 - 1000
  • +4
  • Rovene 4076 is a medium-firm, carboxylated styrene-butadiene emulsion recommended for use in architectural coatings and interior primers for dry wall application where low perm ratings are required.

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