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In 1992...


Rohm & Haas purchased the Unocal latex business and consolidated the styrene-butadiene products into the plant located in Charlotte, NC. The name as it was created contains the prefix "Ro-", which connects to brand to the Rohm & Haas business, while the "-ene" connects the brand to the butadiene containing products. 

In 1995, Ameripol Synpol, owned by the Parekh family, purchased the Rohm & Haas Charlotte plant and related businesses.

In 2005, Mallard Creek Polymers (MCP) became a privately held company of Parekh Capital Group focused primarily on Rovene® styrene-butadiene emulsions.

MCP continued to use the Rovene brand in all grades developed during the initial history of the company. It wasn't until Until 2008 when MCP developed a robust branding strategy with the acquisition of BarrierPro®, Tylac®, Tychem®, Tykote® products from DRSL.

Rovene is a general trademark across our chemistries when there is not another specific trademark to identify with. 

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