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MCP Europe Continues to Bring more Ecronova Grades into the Market

Aug 8, 2018 12:52:00 PM

We have up-scaled the key initial grades from the Ecronova® RA pure acrylic family of products. The Ecronova® pure acrylic products are APEO free and are each designed to meet specific market requirements. The following grades are now available for samples and purchase:

  • Ecronova RA 111
    This pure acrylic emulsion polymer enables coatings with mid PVC with common filler and pigments, exhibits flexibility, only very slight yellowing with long exposure, excellent adhesion and resistance to alkali, and good absorption resistance. A special feature is the minimum whitening of the formed film.
  • Ecronova RA 127 
    This pure acrylic emulsion polymer will provide a very transparent film, even at high thicknesses. Unique features include low water whitening, good block resistance, excellent UV stability and high stiffness of the final film.
  • Ecronova RA 576 H
    This pure acrylic polymer emulsion is a self-crosslinking acrylic that exhibits excellent block and alkali resistance and extraordinary wet adhesion, with minimal water absorption. The product displays early water resistance and excellent resistance to weathering. The emulsion shows strong adhesion on difficult substrates like metal and plastics.

The following products will be up scaled during the summer season & are coming soon!

  • Ecronova RA 646 H
    This product is a self-crosslinking all acrylic emulsion that provides good chemical and block resistance, high hardness and scratch resistance. The product demonstrates excellent wetting of wood substrates for furniture and industrial coatings. This emulsion can function both as a one or in a two component system. Ecronova RA 646H is designed for a wide array of specialty architectural and industrial coating applications, including interior and exterior building paints, durable wood coatings, concrete protection, etc.
  • Ecronova RA 153 (low VOC version of RA 151)
    This is a cationic acrylic emulsion that stands out due to its insulation against leaking nicotine and stains from the substrate. In most formulations, zinc oxide is not needed to meet performance.
  • Ecronova RA 154 (low VOC version of RA 152) 
    This is a cationic acrylic emulsion that shows significant insulation properties against wood stains, especially on exotic wood. It is not required to use zinc oxide or solvents, if such a barrier primer is formulated with the emulsion. The binder gives good sandability after a short drying time.  

Note from the MCP team: Ecronova RA 153 replaces RA 151, as the recipe is the same, but the VOC’s are improved. Ecronova RA 154 replaces RA 152 with the same advantages. As we work closely with you in the future, we will customize products to your exact requirements. These grades, though, will drop in to your existing formulations.

Samples from our new production partners are available immediately, either through our website or by contacting us directly. We would be happy to talk to you in person or interact through email at your convenience. Please feel free to contact Ulrich, Martha or me with sample requests or questions:

Mr. Ulrich Balke, Sales Manager of MCP Europe GmbH
Phone:  +49 322 2109 6802
Mobile:  +49 1514 6462102
Email:  Ulrich.balke@MCPolymers.com

Ms. Martha Meyer, Technical Service Manager, MCP Europe GmbH
Phone:  +49 322 2109 7627
Email:  Martha.Meyer@MCPolymers.com