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MCP Europe Progress Update

Jun 18, 2018 12:59:00 PM

MCP Europe has made significant progress since our last update. We have upscaled the key grades from the Ecronova® KDA styrene-acrylic family of 0°C MFFT products. The Ecronova KDA styrene-acrylic polymer dispersions are ideally suited for architectural coatings on fresh construction materials as well as refurbished building surfaces. These products are APEO free and can be formulated for paint, primer, and sealer applications. These versatile polymers feature high filler loading tolerance, exceptional penetration into mineral-based substrates, and excellent water and alkali resistance.

  • Ecronova KDA 790 imparts high pigment wetting property thereby creating excellent wet scrub resistance while maintaining good hiding power. Ecronova KDA 790 is suitable for low VOC interior paint and plasters, as well as silicate exterior paints.
  • Ecronova KDA 801 is designed for high performance low VOC allergen free interior paints.

Because the KDA 790 and KDA 801 are both improved products from the KDA 780-series of polymers, we will not immediately introduce the older grades. Ecronova KDA 790 replaces KDA 780, KDA 781, and KDA 782 at this time. Ecronova KDA 788 and KDA 888, biocide free versions of KDA 790, can be offered immediately as needed. The discontinued products represent minor changes in pH and other post added surfactants and dispersants. These variations can be reintroduced as required for specific customers. Ecronova KDA 801 is low-formaldehyde version of these grades and replaces KDA 800. These products have slightly different MFFT and pH, but the surfactant package is the same so formulation stability and viscosity should be comparable. As we work closely with you in the future, we will customize products to your exact requirements, but these grades should be much easier to drop in to your existing formulations. 

The following grades have also recently been made available from MCP Europe: 

  • Ecronova DA 194: Provides weatherability and water resistance in flexible, hydraulic lime mortars, flexible cement insulation coatings, flexible roof coatings and crack bridging systems
  • Ecronova KDA 1004eco: A versatile deco paint binder featuring good adhesion, block resistance, hardness, and water resistance. These properties make KDA 1004eco a practical multi-purpose option for gloss and matte paints, both interior and exterior.
  • Ecroflow® AV 25: Highly pseudoplastic acrylic thickener designed for paint, printing ink, plaster and construction glue formulations. 

Samples from our new production partners are available immediately, either through our website or by contacting us directly. We would be happy to talk to you in person or interact through email at your convenience. Please feel free to contact Ulrich, Martha or me with sample requests or questions:

Mr. Ulrich Balke, Sales Manager of MCP Europe GmbH
Phone:  +49 322 2109 6802
Mobile:  +49 1514 6462102
Email:  Ulrich.balke@MCPolymers.com

Ms. Martha Meyer, Technical Service Manager, MCP Europe GmbH
Phone:  +49 322 2109 7627
Email:  Martha.Meyer@MCPolymers.com