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Mallard Creek Polymers Celebrates Decades of Excellence with BarrierPro® Emulsion Polymers for Waterproofing Solutions

Mar 5, 2024 9:50:00 AM

With a legacy of innovation spanning decades, Mallard Creek Polymers (MCP) proudly celebrates the continued success of BarrierPro® emulsion polymers, a trusted solution for effective waterproofing applications. The introduction of three new products, BarrierPro 4553, BarrierPro 4554, and BarrierPro 4556, underscores MCP's dedication to innovation and providing tailored solutions for customers' needs. These additions provide more blending options to dial in the performance of your membrane system and allow for optimal water resistance, strength, and flexibility at cold temperatures.

Known for its versatility and performance, BarrierPro has been a trusted name in the industry for decades. Designed for use in liquid applied membranes, BarrierPro offers a host of advantages over conventional systems, including:

  • Superior Adhesion: BarrierPro membranes have excellent adhesion to various substrates, ensuring reliable protection against water infiltration.
  • Exceptional Flexibility: The flexibility of BarrierPro membranes allows them to accommodate substrate movement and temperature fluctuations without compromising integrity.
  • High Water Resistance: Cured films of BarrierPro exhibit excellent water resistance, serving as an effective barrier against moisture penetration.
  • Crack Bridging Properties: BarrierPro membranes possess excellent crack bridging properties, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Customization Potential: With the ability to blend BarrierPro® products, users can tailor membrane properties to suit specific performance requirements.

Liquid Applied Membrane Guide

Waterproofing membranes serve as a critical line of defense against water intrusion in building and construction projects. Liquid applied membranes offer a seamless, joint-free barrier that protects surfaces and foundational materials from moisture infiltration. Unlike traditional sheet-based membranes, liquid applied membranes cure to form a durable and resilient shield against water damage.

Their ease of application, durability, and versatility make them a preferred choice for formulators of liquid applied membranes. As construction practices continue to evolve, these membranes are poised to play a crucial role in protecting structures from water damage and extending their lifespan. Incorporating innovative materials like styrene butadiene emulsion polymers into construction practices highlights industry's commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and longevity in building projects.

Mallard Creek Polymers is a leader in developing functional coatings for diverse market applications. Connect with us today to find the right solution that aligns with your application requirements. Our service team is committed to assisting you in optimizing formulations by choosing the right BarrierPro product to meet your performance requirements.

About Mallard Creek Polymers, LLC (MCP):

MCP is passionately dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of our customers with an ever-expanding range of synthetic emulsion polymers. Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction drives us to offer a diverse selection of water-based emulsions, including styrene-butadiene, all acrylic, styrene acrylic, and other specialty latex products. We proudly serve both domestic and international clients from our state-of-the-art facility in Charlotte, North Carolina. Collaborating with a global network of manufacturing partners, we ensure prompt and efficient service to customers around the world. Our presence in the European region has been strengthened with the establishment of MCP Europe GmbH in 2018. As a privately held specialty chemical company, we are known for our innovation, quality, service, and sustainability. Our extensive product line covers adhesives, nonwovens, paint & coatings, graphic arts, printing & packaging, textiles, carpet, sealants, construction, oil services, and paper sectors.


For more information, please visit the company’s website at www.MCPolymers.com or contact Brennon Harrison at brennon.harrison@mcpolymers.com.