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MCP Mallard Creek Polymers


Mallard Creek Polymers, Inc. provides a broad range of specialty polymers designed to service a variety of markets.

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Rovene® 6065

A styrene acrylic polymer with improved stiffness and strength that can be used with all types of fibers.

Product Description

Rovene® 6065 is a tough, durable nonwoven binder intended to provide improved stiffness and strength. Rovene® 6065 was specifically designed to perform in formaldehyde-free systems. This binder can be applied with conventional application systems and while focused on polyester markets, can be used with all types of fibers.

Physical Properties for Rovene® 6065

Solids Content
50.0 - 52.0%
6.0 - 7.5
Viscosity Brookfield #2/20 rpm
500 max cps
Glass Transition Temp Tg