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MCP Mallard Creek Polymers


Mallard Creek Polymers, Inc. provides a broad range of specialty polymers designed to service a variety of markets.

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Tykote® 6152

Excellent oil and grease resistance while balancing this with water resistance and flexibility

Product Description

Tykote® 6152 is a hard film forming styrene acrylic emulsion designed for oil and grease resistant barrier coatings.  The product also provides excellent water and blocking resistance in barrier coating compounds.  Tykote 6152 also demonstrates the ability to be applied via all typical methods used to apply barrier coatings, including rod, blade, and flexo or gravure presses.  Tykote 6152 is compliant with FDA regulations 21CFR175.105, 21CFR175.300, 21CFR175.320, 21CFR176.170, and 21CFR 176.180.

Markets Utilized In

Featured Applications

Physical Properties for Tykote® 6152

Solids Content
45.0 - 47.0%
8.1 - 8.8
Viscosity Brookfield #2/20 rpm
400 - 1000 cps
Glass Transition Temp Tg