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MCP Mallard Creek Polymers

We are experienced in serving a diverse range of polymers markets, including specialty papers, adhesives, nonwovens, paints and coatings, carpet backing, and construction materials.

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Mallard Creek Polymer Rovene® products are recommended for use in paper and paperboard coatings where a high degree of grease, oil and water resistance is needed. Many of these products can also be used in applications where excellent water vapor transmission resistance is needed, such as interior primer sealers, paper and paperboard coatings. Our products may also be formulated into adhesives for paper-to-paper, paper-to-film, and foil-to-paper.

In textiles latex emulsion polymers are used to improve both functional and aesthetic properties. Under the heading of “functional” the goal is usually to add water resistance and tensile strength. It's generally applied as part of the finishing operations and is usually intended to be permanent. Backcoating is a particularly common application method demanding good control over rheology, especially when applied by frothing. Textiles also demand good hand feel or softness along with good drape. Those intended for use outdoors also benefit from UV resistance.

Low Tg's are a prerequisite for many textile coatings as this helps provide the qualities expected. MCP manufactures both styrene acrylic and carboxylated styrene-butadiene polymers for incorporation into various textile coating compounds. Styrene helps build good tensile strength, butadiene adds flexibility, and UV resistance is imparted by the acrylic.

A related application is in carpet backings. MCP produces polymers capable of being compounded with a high solids content for both automotive and specialty carpet applications. Adhesion and low VOC's are usually desirable characteristics in these applications, along with a low Tg.

Rovene® styrene butadiene emulsions consist of a family of low viscosity products, systematically modified either by styrene/butadiene ratio, molecular weight or carboxylation. The styrene/butadiene ratio allows the formulator to choose a degree of softness of the polymer. Molecular weight allows greater latitude for use of other ingredients in the formulation and to obtain tack and shear.

The use of carboxylation gives the opportunity to crosslink, improves mechanical stability of the wet adhesive and increased adhesion build on polar surfaces. These polymers are water based emulsions which are compoundable into proprietary formulations by choice of tackifier dispersions, fillers, pigments, etc. These formulations successfully compete with natural and synthetic rubber solution PSAs in many label and tape applications.

Mallard Creek Polymers offers a variety of binders which can be easily applied by conventional methods such as froth, spray or saturation.

These binders have been designed for a wide range of nonwovens markets including disposable, durable, highloft and industrial nonwovens. These binders produce effects ranging from a soft feel to a very stiff feel, provide strength, toughness, resistance properties, hydrophobicity or hydrophilicity and heat seal-ability. Our technical service personnel will help you in choosing the proper binder for each of your applications.

Our Rovene® latex emulsions have been designed for use in formulating high performance architectural and automotive coatings including flat wall paints, primer-sealers, landscaping mulch coatings, dust suppression and automotive underbody coatings.

When properly formulated, these coatings exhibit tight, continuous films providing the following performance advantages: moisture vapor barrier properties, enamel holdout at high PVC’s, superior cold temperature coalescence, stability to alkaline substrates and ASTM D-1653-03 perm ratings of less than 1.0.

Our polymers currently find use in many Construction applications.

Potential Polymer Uses:

  • Waterproofing and moisture vapor barrier coatings
  • Admixtures for hydraulic cement based products
  • Wood and parquet flooring adhesives
  • Ceramic tile mastics
  • Vinyl tile adhesives
  • Coatings and sealants for HVAC systems
  • Primers for cement and other substrates
  • Modifiers for Asphalt emulsions
  • Roof coatings

Mallard Creek Polymers offers a variety of specialty polymers within the Rovene product family. Our traditional water-based styrene acrylic resins have been designed to meet exacting industry performance needs.

Our newest products, resin supported emulsions, have been created to conform to the performance standards of the challenging printing and packaging marketplace. The Rovene RSE product line offers variety of water based acrylic polymers as well as styrene acrylic resin. 

These specialty polymers offer a variety of glass transition temperatures and other parameters like functionality, particle size and acid number. These parameters and the resin emulsions physical properties will enhance the press performance, coating properties (like gloss, adhesion, block and water resistance) and final ink. 

Rovene emulsions can be used over a wide range of substrates which include films, foils, paper, paperboard and corrugated boxes.