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New Product Announcements!


Tykote® 6160 is a flexible acrylic emulsion designed to give excellent oil and grease resistance while also maintaining a good balance of water and Cobb resistance and MVTR properties. 


Rovene® 6106 is a high solids, non-film forming, resin supported emulsion that imparts ultra-fast drying to flexographic and gravure inks for paper and paperboard.


Performance Coatings

Rovene® 4546 is a general purpose latex binder of medium to high stiffness. It dries to form a flexible, tough film of high water resistance. Rovene® 4546 can be compounded with fillers and other additives to form coatings for a variety of applications. Rovene® 4546 cured films are tough and pliable with excellent water resistance.

Rovene® 6133 is designed to work in a variety of coatings applications including interior, exterior, clear or pigmented. This polymer exhibits excellent water resistance, strength, and adhesion to multiple substrates.



Rovene® 6001 is a very soft, medium molecular weight acrylic emulsion specifically designed for formulation of construction adhesives. It can be used neat or blended with a wide variety of polymer emulsions, dispersed tackifiers, and fillers to yield performance characteristics that meet specific requirements. Rovene 6001 has an excellent balance of peel, tack and shear, allowing the formulation of permanent pressure sensitive adhesives.


Rovene® 5010N was designed to provide excellent processing and heat stability for use in paper saturation for tape applications. Rovene® 5010N is a carboxylated styrene-butadiene emulsion that offers excellent water and solvent resistance, especially when formulated with external crosslinking resins.







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