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Four Questions for Tailoring a Polymer Emulsion Recipe, Part One

Chemists will ask multiple questions whenever they’re asked to create a recipe for a polymer emulsion for a specific application. In this two-part series, we’ll take a look at the four big questions that they ask in these situations.

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The Chemistry of Modern Life: Construction Adhesives in the Home


Everywhere you go, there are adhesives. Out in public, at work, and in the home, adhesives are the bonds of our lives.

You may have a notion of what an adhesive is, but here’s a helpful definition: an adhesive is simply a substance that bonds two substrates together. No matter where you are, you’re only an arm’s reach...

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The Chemistry of Modern Life: Water-, Oil- and Grease-Resistance Barrier Coatings for Food Packaging

 The purpose of barrier coatings in food packaging is the ability to block water, water vapor and other liquids from passing through materials that typically are highly porous. Not only can these barrier coatings make items like paper and cloth water-resistance, they have the added benefit of blocking grease and oil. At...

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The Chemistry of Modern Life: Emulsion Polymers in Bath and Steam Rooms

Most people know that bathrooms and showers, and occasionally steam rooms and saunas, are focal points in modern home construction. Bathroom design is critical in commercial construction, too, because these rooms are important for setting rental rates or attracting talent. Not so well known is the role chemists have played...

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A Brief History of Styrene Butadiene Emulsion Polymers After 1945

Our previous post on emulsion polymer history briefly covered how synthetic polymers were developed to address a limited supply of natural polymers, save elephant herds, and help the United States bring a successful end to World War II. If you missed it, you can read that article here.

It would be hard to overstate the...

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A Brief History of Styrene Butadiene Emulsion Polymers Through 1945

Advanced technology comes in many forms – robotics, quantum computing, gene editing and hydraulic fracturing, to name a few. One advanced technology that is so ubiquitous that it’s easy to miss completely is the world of high-tech emulsion polymers. Without a doubt, the world we know and love would not exist if it weren’t...

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The Chemistry of Modern Life: Emulsion Polymers in the Auto Industry

With problem-detecting sensors, wireless connections, cloud-based security and real-time navigation, it’s easy to think that the high-tech features in today’s hot rides are all electronic. That, however, would be overlooking some of the most remarkable technologies that are making cars safer, quieter, less expensive and...

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Crystalline vs. Amorphous Polymers

Polymers and polymer coatings are everywhere. They give magazine pages their gloss and ensure the durability of paint used on our homes. They turn up in adhesives, carpets, athletic tracks, roofing shingles and even roads. Each application needs the polymer to behave in a particular way, and behavior is determined by...

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Photographer Tim Coffey Visits Mallard Creek Polymers

When photographer Tim Coffey moved to North Carolina a few years ago, he was looking for a unique way to explore his new home state. This desire gave birth to his Carolina Works project. For the project, Coffey visits manufacturing plants around North Carolina to take pictures and interview employees about their jobs. He...

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Benefits of Emulsion Polymers for Elastomeric Roofs

Companies that design roof coatings are in a constant battle with the elements when formulating a coating that can stand up to constant exposure to sunlight, extreme temperature swings, and water damage.

By taking knowledge from other industries, roofing companies have historically tried to use both waterborne house paints...
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The Difference between Styrene-Butadiene Rubber and Styrene-Butadiene Latex

Often the terms Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SB Rubber) and Styrene-Butadiene Latex (SB Latex) are used interchangeably. However, they are two different materials that are used in different ways on a variety of products.

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Think Small: Innovative Ideas

Innovation is essential in business. In fact it's the only way of ensuring lasting success. As Henry Ford is alleged to have said, “If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got.” We've taken this to heart at Mallard Creek Polymers and it's something that fuels our drive to solve...

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